Jurawolf is a one-man extreme synthesizer metal project from Switzerland, influenced by atmospheric black metal, pagan metal and folk, dark ambient, and European folk, classic, and avant-garde instrumental music.


2018-01-22: New album "Alpine Watchers" is here ! - Obscure pagan, industrial, synth blackmetal and neofolk music from Switzerland. This 5th album is Jurawolf's incursion into the Alps. Available on Bandcamp: jurawolf.bandcamp.com. My Internet connection speed is close to dial-up where I live right now, so expect a little delay for the free download on Jamendo and the official releases on YouTube.

2017-12-08: New cover and some more info: - A new cover of "Vouïvre - Au Gouffre" played with synthesizers is available on YouTube. Almost a live jig. So I wanted to check if I could play more than one riff with LMMS and without making my computer crash. Plus I wanted to try making a multi-screen video with Kdenlive so, best opportunity in the world !

I have a social life again now so I have little time and I am no longer depressed enough to make this kind of music, lol. And furthermore, I don't live near the Jura mountains any more so I don't get the same inspiration ! But... one new album is coming at least ! Somewhat different, though. Stay tuned anyway !

2017-09-08: A Falkenbach cover: - Jurawolf plays "Eweroun" from the German band Falkenbach. Listen here on YouTube.

2017-08-21: Some covers are in the making ! - And some new version of this website, too.

2017-08-11: Website is back online! - We recently changed hosting and the website has been unavailable for some time. Sorry for that. Now the problem is solved.

2017-07-17: Bandcamp and lyrics - Schisme is now available on Bandcamp and lyrics were added to this site.

2017-07-10: New album "Schisme" is here ! - Schisme is Jurawolf's 4th album. More atmospheric and folkish, yet still very dark. Features heavy ass songs like "Sonderbund 2.0" or "Lothar Hagall", as well as more mystic and atmospheric songs like "Monts Jura" or "Mon Île au milieu des Abysses". Anyway, still inspired by the land of Helvetia, the Alps, and the Jura mountains. Download it on Jamendo, Bandcamp and lyrics page on jurawolf.info coming later.

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Albums & Lyrics:

Alpine Watchers (2018)

Schisme (2017)

Pagan Spirits in the Dark (2016)

Rising Elementals (2016)

Voices of the Disappeared (2015)

Elementals (Demo) (2015)

Jurawolf music is made with LMMS.

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